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Skool of Pop

Teaching young energized children how to harness their energy and apply it into something fun and healthy is the concept behind Jakes dance class, Skool Of Pop.

"Too many kids are medicated and diagnosed these days for being too hyper and not able to slow down. I'd rather identify the energy they have and apply it into something creative and constructive."

Skool Of Pop is a six week work shop designed for kids ages seven years and up. The class is lead by Jake and occasionally a guest teacher. The students are trained how to "Pop n lock", "break dance", and also taught the exciting history of where and how it all started. The music is safe and always designed for young ears with an energetic beat and clean lyrics.

The students learn how to develop their imagination through rhythm and build confidence with a team. Each week the children return with hopes to be MVP (Most Valuable Popper). MVP is based on respect, dedication, and growth from the previous classes.

A weekly newsletter is emailed to parents with updates on how the class is progressing and what to expect in weeks to come. The news letter features a picture and description of the MVP from the week prior.

Certification is issued at the completion of the program and all students are invited to return to continue their training.

Skool of Pop is NEW, FUN, and necessary for your energized little one to go home ready for a nap once a week.

For more information, submit your information via the form on the contact page.

See you soon for the Spring-2013 Enrollment!



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