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Jake Allen Show

Jacob Allen Coulombe was born in Saratoga Springs, NY on November 7th 1986. Being brought up around entrepreneurs and hardworking people set the bar for Jake at an early age. As a day dreamer with a big imagination, the music industry became a tangible career opportunity.

Having the entertainment world exposed through a circle of influence including musician uncles, friends that dj'd, and others that danced gave the creative fuel to develop his own style.

At age thirteen, John Nuzback took Jake under his wing to a gig at a local firehouse. Learning the fundamentals of dj'ing and entertaining a small audience came naturally. That night kicked off over a decade worth of Mobile DJ'ing.

Jus Bounce Entertainment (DBA) - Name of Jakes first company "Starting the mobile DJ business was a blast! I worked with Scott Penk at Starburst, a local skating center as a DJ/Floor Guard. We decided to invest in some nice equipment and advertised on every cork board in town."

The business grew from dJing their own school dances to graduation parties, birthdays, and before they knew it businesses and other schools were calling the dynamic duo to entertain their guests.

Scott Penk is currently employed by WAJZ, JAMZ 96.3. Reminiscing on the past he says, "We were just kids making a killing by playing good music and having fun, it was the best."

In 2003 Jake was introduced to the people that would prepare him for spot lights, stages, and humility.

"Will Dudly and Peter Arizmendi were the first two people that I learned to develop my own style with. Before then dancing was prevalent but for the most part it was choreographed and not at all something I could call my own."

Will was introduced in Saratoga Springs, NY for the first time by a mutual friend. Oddly enough the two of them weighed, dressed, and danced extremely similar. That very same weekend Jake and Will met their greatest influence, Peter Arizmendi (BAM The Liquid Robot).

Will immediately brought Jake to a team of young entertainers under the name 518, led by Tyara Burnett. The team consisted of several types of dancers and gymnasts. To this day 518 is primarily solicited to inner city schools to promote positive reinforcement and show students the value of having an education.

Jake made his way to New York City to train with BAM and two of his students, "Poppin Loz" and "Stealth." The weekend would also consist of an introduction to the South Bronx and an audition in Manhattan for FOX TVs hit show, "So You Think You Can Dance." The weekend was a success and Jake took the train home late Sunday night the newest member to, "Soul Majestics," a chapter of the New York City Breakers.

In 2006 dance was not the only thing changing. Radio School was just about to end and locally owned Albany Broadcasting would employ Jake for his first on air job. His first show was on Hip Hop station WAJZ, JAMZ 96.3.

Jake Allen Show

Being involved in radio increased networking with entertainment professionals all over the country. Jake has met, interviewed, and introduced several A-List celebrities.

"It's cool to meet interesting people with unique stories. I feel fortunate to have met some great artists." Since radio school Jake has been employed by WAJZ-JAMZ 96.3, WFLY-FLY 92.3, WYJB-B95.5, and is currently the Morning Show Host on WZMR-100.9 THE CAT as well as the Afternoon Host on WKBE-107.1 THE POINT.

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